There is a fizzy toxin called Antimism. It only works on bad guys. It can give you a bad tummy ache, but then it goes away...

... Because it makes you disappear!

If you drink ALL the Antimism, you can explode. Some of the Antimism has explosives in it. It doesn't have the electrobolts in it.

The Baby Brother

I've been avoiding speaking of it, but apparently I now have a baby brother.

Mom says I have to love him and help take care of him. I am willing to do so, as he seems to have some potential for use as a football or something to throw like that. I can also blame all my farts on him.

So far he just makes squishy noises and drools much. I'm hoping he will start to run around a bit soon, so that mom will be too distracted to pay attention to how much time I am spending playing Dragonvale on the iPad.

He is starting to show a little personality now.

Poor Stupid Peter

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, I am told.
But what no one seems to know is that then, when he went home to make a pickle salad,
and he ate the salad, then a werewolf ate him becuase he was pickled.

Makes ya think, huh.

Explaining to my mom

It often takes rather detailed explanations before mom gets it. Take this conversation, for example:

Me: "I'm magical."

Mom: ". . ."

Me: "You know, magic isn't here" (point to my head)

Mom: ". . ."

Me: "It's in here..." (point to my heart)

Mom: ". . ."

Me: "Where there's green blob"

Mom: ". . . You have a green blob... in your heart?"

Me: "Yeah, that's what makes the magic"

Mom: ". . ."

Eventually I think she got it. Why is it so hard?
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Something went wrong...

When the giant tentacle plant monster grew up, it became a scientist and went to live in a secret lab at the zoo. The scientist tried to make a person, but instead there was a mistake, so he made a giant, lava-mouthed, volcano-eating tentacle plant monster that can eat people in one gulp.

Just so you know.

Baby Redux

Apparently Mom has decided that once is not enough and is growing a new baby in her tummy. So far this means a bunch of lectures from both Mom and Dad about how "when the baby comes, Mama won't be able to do as many things for you, and you need to help us take care of it" and stuff.


My take on it is this:

What will this new baby do for me? How long because I can use him or her as furniture? Can I shoot nerf darts at it? Will it understand the importance of explosions?

We wonder.
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Explosive Penguin Bomb.

This is my explosive penguin bomb. It has a hundred and thousand point two TNT in it. When it explodes and he flips open, then the one where it knocked over people opens, and two missiles come out, and they shoot again and again and again and again, until they run out, and then they explode again.

Ham Burglar

Dad is reading some book to me. It is long and it is called "The Hobbit". The guy in it is named Bilbo Baggins and he is a burglar. A burglar is a person who cooks burgers and puts them out for people who need them. I had to tell dad that, because he seemed surprised.